On that night of gloom; When the evening seemed awful; The moon coming out as if it portends doom; The stronghold shaking in scansion. The spirit is far-fetched; Its nature is not stretched. The past came calling; The wergild must be paid; The prodigal son is not yet repentant. When the day of reckoning appears […]

They are the scape goats of kwashiorkor, brought into this world as if by error, not guilty is she in the court posed the juror. All hope is lost’ cried Junior. They are the less privileged, orphans born in a faraway village. Ruthlessly thrown away like foliage. Having been there, even in our own age. […]

…Here I met a girl, Hanna Her beards sprouting and about to drop like manna, Dark and lanky, asking for favor Her presence, I dare not harbor, For fear of a fruitless labor. Then saw me a girl, a neatly dressed maiden, Her hair finely woven and French plaited, Her rear view in good figure […]

ADDICTION I couldnt fight it either, That which everybody treats with spite; Still patronizing it in the dark, Shining teeth brown with smoke, Hunting us like the memories of the past. A routine turned addiction. Sweet and bitter in between thin seconds; offering this feeling of satisfaction of weird. Headaches and frustration summons themselves, Usurping, […]

actually, the novel x-rays what life looked like for the NIgerian abject immigrants who had to do all soughts of menial jobs ranging from carrying pails about, washing toilets and being morticians just to survive. it also talked greatly about hair, blogging, Barrack Obama, race, ltrue love and the failed Nigerian state. Obinze was a […]

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It was the twentieth century German-American writer, Edith Hamilton that opines; the way a nation goes reflects in their art and drama. What she meant by this is, the foibles, follies, thinking and behavioural pattern of a particular nation at a particular time or cultural movement is wholly reflected…

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At TEDGlobal 2013, Chris Anderson asks Charmian Gooch about her work exposing corruption. Below, find her talk footnoted, so that you can read more on each case she references. Photo: James Duncan Davidson Charmian Gooch, co-founder of anti-corruption NGO Global Witness, tracks money to expose deep-rooted global corruption. In yesterday’s…