Pacific Rim: Guillermo Del Toro’s Vision Gives Us More To See


The Password is Swordfish

It’s not about having a cool idea.

Despite what your inner child might scream at you, a movie is not automatically terrific just because it has building-sized monsters fighting building-sized robots. If a cool idea was all it took, Cowboys vs. Aliens would’ve been one hell of a blockbuster. No, it takes having the imagination to see that good idea through, to take it to the ends of the earth– and in Pacific Rim’s case, farther. Guillermo Del Toro’s epic-scale bashfest takes us to the bottom of the ocean, inside the human brain, into outer space, through streets of various countries, and even towards other dimensions. Its characters may be rote, but its world is anything but. Pacific Rim seems to suggest Del Toro locked himself in a room with the usual big-budget studio fare and found himself face-to-face with the mother of invention, necessity herself. He makes a statement…

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