Further reading and citations on global corruption’s hidden leaders

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Charmian Gooch, co-founder of anti-corruption NGO Global Witness, tracks money to expose deep-rooted global corruption. In yesterday’s talk, Gooch demonstrates that dirty money goes all the way to the top, and more sinister is that these cases of corruption are well-known to leaders and corporate elites. Nobody — banks, big oil, government leaders — is spared.

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As Gooch told TED, “So many of these scandals are hidden in plain sight — they’re down the road in the City of London. They’re in our company boardrooms. They’re in the corridors of power we walk past every day. What we need to do is piece these things together, expose the links and then we can start to break them.” What’s at stake is the fight for the world’s natural resources, says Gooch, a fight that “has robbed the Congo’s people of over $1.3 billion. It’s what’s left Sarawak…

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