Movie Review: Lekki Wives – Review And Lessons


It was the twentieth century German-American writer, Edith Hamilton that opines; the way a nation goes reflects in their art and drama. What she meant by this is, the foibles, follies, thinking and behavioural pattern of a particular nation at a particular time or cultural movement is wholly reflected in their art or drama. Inadvertently what this means is, if you want to know how the South-Africans, Ghanaians, Americans or Nigerians behave look at their art. Art in this context cuts across Music, Films, Fashion, Poetry, Sculptural Works, etc.

If the above saying is generally accepted then there is no gainsaying that our film as Nigerian’s is a reflection of who we are as a nation.  On this backdrop, I believe Blessing Egbe’s new flick, Lekki Wives, is a splendid and blunt portrayal of the wealth madness at all cost syndrome which has become endemic and contagious in us…

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