actually, the novel x-rays what life looked like for the NIgerian abject immigrants who had to do all soughts of menial jobs ranging from carrying pails about, washing toilets and being morticians just to survive. it also talked greatly about hair, blogging, Barrack Obama, race, ltrue love and the failed Nigerian state. Obinze was a typical African man yhat loves his woman, though his woman was recalcitrant in reciprocating this love from far away America, where she was confronted by the guilt of having to let a white good for nothing man finger her, just to be able to pay her house rent. the novel is divided into 7 parts which moves through three continents. so many lives and as regards blogging, the novel pernetrated boundRies by exploring this new method and easiest way of disseminating unbiased information and stories people tend to forget.  ack to my question. in the issue of the relationship between the main character Ifemelu and the author, i would say that they hold much in common. having followed chimamanda for some time now, i have come to realise that the inbuilt disease of ‘ waking up and making list of relevant friends and deleting people one consider irrelivant’ has become a normal thing for her. anyways there are so many things in the novel which are very similer to her person but it is for you my fellow reders to find out.Thanks


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