Monthly Archives: February 2015

Harbingers Of Blessings

They are the scape goats of kwashiorkor, brought into this world as if by error, not guilty is she in the court posed the juror. All hope is lost’ cried Junior. They are the less privileged, orphans born in a faraway village. Ruthlessly thrown away like foliage. Having been there, even in our own age. […]

Weighs and Balances

…Here I met a girl, Hanna Her beards sprouting and about to drop like manna, Dark and lanky, asking for favor Her presence, I dare not harbor, For fear of a fruitless labor. Then saw me a girl, a neatly dressed maiden, Her hair finely woven and French plaited, Her rear view in good figure […]


ADDICTION I couldnt fight it either, That which everybody treats with spite; Still patronizing it in the dark, Shining teeth brown with smoke, Hunting us like the memories of the past. A routine turned addiction. Sweet and bitter in between thin seconds; offering this feeling of satisfaction of weird. Headaches and frustration summons themselves, Usurping, […]