I couldnt fight it either,
That which everybody treats with spite;
Still patronizing it in the dark,
Shining teeth brown with smoke,
Hunting us like the memories of the past.

A routine turned addiction.
Sweet and bitter in between thin seconds;
offering this feeling of satisfaction of weird.
Headaches and frustration summons themselves,
Usurping, churning the stomach, a devils defecation pit.

Take it all.
The memories of the past,
The stubborn and pricking,
Poking the walls of the mind and imaginations,
Terrorizing , hunting and taunting my sanity.
A vile appearance and hidden dark secrets.

An addiction turned killer.
Slowly poisoning the system;
Purging good and implanting bad.
Torturing in addition to inbuilt pain,
rotating the world in my head.


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