Weighs and Balances

…Here I met a girl, Hanna

Her beards sprouting and about to drop like manna,

Dark and lanky, asking for favor

Her presence, I dare not harbor,

For fear of a fruitless labor.

Then saw me a girl, a neatly dressed maiden,

Her hair finely woven and French plaited,

Her rear view in good figure and shape.

Tasty and desirous at once I became.

A temptation?

No! A love at first sight

Turning around, her wonderfully woven ugly face beaming

‘Back to sender’ I screamed in a reckless abandon.

Walking home in sadness’

Running into a beauty only known by the romantics,

Shinning white teeth,

treasure found?

Her tongue, an object of ethnic cleansing;

Avoiding its action like venom.

Though beautiful, a skunk.

An obnoxious patronizing companion of maim.

Nothing is ever enough nor complete.


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